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Bjørn Darboe Nissen
Strandvejen 154
2920 Charlottenlund, Denmark
Ph. +45 26 717 817
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Tai Chi and Medicine Tai Chi and Medicine

Tai Chi Chuan heals the body by sending inner energy (Qi) through energy lines (meridians) in the body. The choreography of each posture moves Qi to the a specific inner organ. Some organs are considered extra important to tonify, thus some of the postures are repeated.

Tai Chi is known to be effecivet towards many problems, e.g. circulatory disorders. With daily training it's also effective against back disorders.

Research on hospitals in China has shown, that Tai Chi has a benificial effect on patients undergoing regenaration after a sickbed of longer duration. The high blood pressure of these patients drops, just as the lung and heart functions are considerably improved.

The figures below gives an impression of the effect of each single posture. You can also do a specific posture many times for e.g. the heart.

Grasp Sparrows Tail - Strengthens the small and large intestine. Good by constipation.Grasp Sparrows Tail

Single Whip - Performed in flow it opens and strengthens the joints, just as it's good against rheumatism. Performed as a standing it strengthens the digistive organs.Tai Chi Single Whip

The White Crane Spreads Its Wings - Strengthens the central nervous system and the spine.Tai Chi White Crane

Play Guitar - Performed as a standing it's good against digistive problems.Tai Chi Play Guitar

Embrache The Tiger And Return To Mountain - Supports the digistive functions and rejuvenates the inner organs generally.Tai Chi Embrace Tiger

Repulse Monkey - Strengthens the spine and gall bladder.Tai Chi Repulse Monkey

Needle At Sea Bottom - Strengthens the liver as the lifeforce in the back and in the sexual organs. Treats premature ejaculation in men and sexual problems in women.Tai Chi Needle

Turn And Chop - For the reduction of fat.Tai Chi Chop

High Pat On Horse - Strengthens the spleen.Tai Chi High Pat

Turn And Kick With Left Heel - Strengthens the kidneys and stomach by acting on these two meridians.Tai Chi Heel Kick

Kick With Right Heel - Strengthens the kidneys and stomach by acting on these two meridians.Tai Chi Heel Kick

Part Horses Mane - Strengthens lungs and spleen. Tai Chi Horses Mane

Snake Creeps Down - Strengthens kidneys and the general condition of the body.Tai Chi Snake Creeps Down

Hit Seven Stars - Promotes blood circulation.Tai Chi Seven Stars

Shoot Tiger With Bow - Good for the lungs.Tai Chi Shoot Tiger

Close Hands - Performed in flow it strengthens the central nervous system, "awakens" the brain. It also expands the back and chest. Performed as a standing it strengthens the liver, the spine is kept elestic and a youthful posture is promoted.Tai Chi Close Hands

Brush Knee And Push - Strengthens the heart.Tai Chi Brush Knee

Step Foreward And Punch - The following sequence strengthens the glands: move from Brush Knee And Push into Step Foreward And Punch and keep the posture for three minutes.Tai Chi Punch

Fist Under Elbow - Repeat this posture many times to obtain weightloss.Tai Chi Fist Under Elbow

Slant Flying - Strengthens the lungs and small intestine.Tai Chi Slant Flying

Fan Through The Back - Strengthens the large intestine.Tai Chi Fan

Wave Hands Like Clouds - Strengthens the whole stomach area, including spleen and pancreas.Tai Chi Cloud Hands

Kick To The Right (and Left) - Treats too much Yang in the body - that is red-cheeked face, too much body heat etc. Also reduces weight.Tai Chi Kick

Punch Low - Strengthens the legs and the adroitness of the body.Tai Chi Punch Low

Hit The Tiger - Helps the back, kidneys etc.Tai Chi Hit Tiger

Four Corners - Strengthens the whole chest area. Also good by cramps. Shown here only the first of all four corners.Tai Chi Four Corners

Golden Cock Stands On One Leg - Good by stomach problems.Tai Chi Golden Cock

Brush The Lotus - Good by Yin weekness, i.e. one who appears introvert, sick, small, pale, slow-witted. Activates the Yang energy.Tai Chi Brush Lotus

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